Story Of Big Ben 

It’s not hard to hear the reverence to Jimi Hendrix throughout the album but this particular track pays homage to him. I’ve seen a few documentaries on Jimi Hendrix but a particular one made by the BBC, that inspired this song, was about Jimi’s impact on the London music scene.
It starts in New York's Greenwich Village, at Café Wha, where Hendrix’ talent was discovered by Chas Chandler.
Chas firmly believed Hendrix could make an impact in the UK music scene giving him the appeal to break the American market.
He didn’t expect he would go as good as he did in London, not before Jimi nearly got hit by a car from the change of traffic direction.
As apart of Jimi’s agreement to leave the USA he requested to jam with Eric Clapton.  Being the former bass player to the Animals Chandler had a bit of notoriety and arranged with Clapton to have Hendrix sit in on a jam.
Hendrix plugged into the bass amp and did a rendition of Howlin’ Wolfs ‘Killing Floor’ where he blew everyone away including Clapton who walked off stage.
Clapton later said to Chandler, “You never said he was that good.”
That was the start of the effect Hendrix had on the music scene. During his short time in London, rock royalty like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, and Cream were coming to his shows a gasp to the talent and prowess Jimi showed to his growing crowds.
Jimi made his impression on the scene in front of the biggest names in music allowing him to break the American scene and later becoming one of the highest paid musicians of his time. One industry observer of the time said he was like the bell tower of London (Big Ben) sending his electric church blues message of love to the rest of the world.
Thanks for the inspiration Jimi James. 

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