Greg Nunan - Guitar / Vocals

World traveller, singer, guitar-slinger Greg Nunan has spent the last decade bringing his Stevie Ray Vaughan-inspired blues rock thing to Australia and the world, honing his chops as resident band in the Crazy Elephant Bar, Singapore’s home of the blues - and making a hard-earned living up and down the Aussie east coast. 
With the debut release by his new band The General Jacksons ‘Kites For Hurricanes’, Nunan brings us a record replete with chunky guitar riffs and authentic songwriting and stakes a solid claim for a place in the watch list for Australian blues and roots fans.

Performance at Festivals such as SXSW in Austin Texas (Australia's first online virtual sets for SXSW), Peats Ridge, Manly Jazz Festival, Peaches & Cream Festival, Coffs Harbour Food & Wine Festival, Wangaratta Jazz Festival and Singapore's Boys Toys Festival have been highlights amongst playing different clubs, pubs and blues cruises over the years.

Four times invited to front the famous Blues Machine at Singapore's world renowned Crazy Elephant Bar has seen Greg jam onstage with Deep Purple, members from Royal Crown Revue and Bette Midler’s horn section.

Influences - Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, J.J. Cale, Jimi Hendrix, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Fabulous Thunderbirds
Weapons of choice -  1954 Fender Stratocaster, AER and Fender Amps
Favourite Quote: "Keep Your Knees Together"
Favourite Record: Texas Flood - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Liam Chandler  - Drums 


Liam Chandler, 23, from Sydney Australia, has a musical, drumming style described as a unique hybrid mix of electro/progressive rock. In 2008, Liam won the National Billy Hydes Drumming competition, Liam recorded keyboards for Jordan Ferreira (Mindwalk Blvd) and Thomas Pridgen’s (The Mars Volta) project, ElixirOnMute in 2011

He has previously worked with New York’s Eric J Dubowsky (Weezer Red Album) and more recently Adrián Terrazas-González (The Mars Volta) for the recording and production of a new solo project.

Influences - Thomas Pridgen, Thom York and Steve Jordan.
Weapons of choice -  Four piece Pearl Reference Kit with Zildjian Cymbals and DW Hardware.
Favourite Quote: "No more shines, Billy."
Favourite Record: Self Titled - Deftones

Felix Akurangi - Guitar

Joining the General Jacksons is Sydney gunslinger Felix 'Fearless' Akurangi. The plethora of tapes and records in the family collection from childhood are what shaped Felix's guitar playing long before he picked up an axe. Taking drippings of 60's soul, sweat from the armpits of 70's rock and just a pinch of classical the sounds that come from his fingertips are best described as gravy.
Influences - Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Smith, Nels Cline, Johnny Greenwood
Weapons of choice -  Fender Jazzmaster Classic player, '72 reissue Fender Telecaster, Fender Blues Deluxe
Favourite Quote: "Don't watch the finger or you will miss all of that heavenly glory"
Favourite Record: Television - Marquee Moon


Mark Holbert - Bass

A long-term fixture on the Sydney music scene, Mark 'Hulk' Holbert is re-joining the fold having played with Greg in a previous incarnation - 'The G. Nunan Project'. Over the years he has performed and recorded with numerous bands, including pop-rockers Peregrine, Extended Family, The Solid Ones and Canadian songstress Ann Vriend. Mark has toured extensively throughout Australia and Europe and is still searching for the brown note.

Influences - James Jamerson, Flea, Jaco Pastorius
Weapons of choice - G&L L2000 Custom 4-string, No-name rockabilly upright, Eden NC115 
Favourite Quote - “Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.”
Favourite Record - 'King Hokum' by CW Stoneking