"Greg Nunan Brings Back The Dirt!" 
Samuel J. Fell - Rhythms Magazine - Australia 

"Greg Nunan Hits The Road Running With A Tight Blues Outfit And A Load Of New Songs That Sound Like They Have Been Well And Truly Road-tested" 
Sebastian Skeet - TheMusic.com.au 

"Love The Tracks, Fresh & Unusual At The Same Time." 
David Kusek - Founder of New Artis Model 

“This is one of the tightest blues bands ever assembled locally. Together with Australian singer Greg Nunan's stirring vocals, they bring back memories of legends such as the Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top.” 
The Straight Times - Singapore 

“As the tape rolls, you can hear a hint of Hendrix - before you're slapped in the face with a killer blues-rock riff" 
Alternate Beat

"Greg Nunan is a name you need to lend your ears to"
Mark Diggins - Rockpit