Here's our official film clip for Tequila (feat.Shane Hawley). Shot over two days with Director Scarlett Zola Vespa, Producer Elizabeth Nunan and D.O.P Simon Hammond who were an inspiration to work with. Big thank you also to actors Maddy King and Benny Davidson and helping hands Maurizio Vespa and Gabe Nunan for your work. You guys rock! Hope you like the clip. #KitesForHurricanes #ShaneHawley #AussieBluesMusic

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years this week since the tragic passing of Stevie Ray Vaughan. My longtime friend Andrew Cahir introduced me to SRV. I remember the day clearly. It was only a couple of months after SRV had passed and I was already learning blues chops off some old Jimi Hendrix tapes. But when I heard SRV cranking on my mates stereo for the first time, I was blown away….
I needed a copy of his work straight away. Twenty Five years on and I’m still learning from his work and I can only hope that a piece of that beauty is passed on to my son so that it may be passed through to his own children.

Long live the blues. \m/

Crazy Elephant's 20 Year Anniversary celebrations in Singapore. 

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